Panzer tunic Heer

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Panzer tunic Heer


Made from the 1934, this version of the 1942 is recognizable for the removal of the waffenfarbe from the edge of the neck. Jacke in double chest, you button at the right end of life by four large black plastic buttons and three smoller are placed along the side of right. On the left side are three slots allowing the jacket to be closed to the neck with the help of a hook. Two buttons on the sleeves allow you to adjust the width split on the sleeve. The jacket is a faithful copy of the original, internally reinforcements are gray cotton, on the front and rear four series of three loops for the hooks of the belt.

Completed with BEVo Heer Eagle, shoulder board and insignia of the Panzer Korps.

Material: 70% wool 30% viscose.


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