German WW2 Luftwaffe ET M40 helmet with decal - Stahlhelm M40

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German WW2 Luftwaffe ET M40 helmet with decal - Stahlhelm M40


 Reproduction of the 1940 model German helmet, stahlhelm M40, painted in Luftwaffe blau grau color, air force, and complete with I or II type decals. The M40 helmet was distributed and used by all the corps of the Wehrmacht and derived directly from the M35 from which it differed only for the different ventilation hole, and followed by the more simplified model of the M42 which in addition to maintaining the stamped ventilation hole it no longer had the hammered edge and the weight was more contained. The '40 model obviously remained in use, abundantly available in stock and still produced, was consistently visible until 1945.

 With the start of the war it became immediately clear that the national emblems did not help the camouflage and in the 1940 was decided to eliminate it in production and remove it where present. In 1943 also the corps emblem was decided for its removal. On a practical and operational level it does not mean that the changes were systematically applied both at the production level and in the field, but as in every aspect of the evolution of the German uniform it was progressive and not homogeneous.

Item features:

  • shell, liner and chinstrap of excellent features
  • M40 helmet marked ET
  • serial number on the back typical of early productions
  • Luftwaffe eagle between: I or II model
  • decal choice: mono, bi-decal, none.

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