Hero of the Soviet Union

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Hero of the Soviet Union


 The honor included the Order of Lenin (the second decoration, in order of importance, of the Soviet Union) and, as a sign of maximum excellence, the Golden Star, accompanied by a certificate of the heroic deed (gramota) from part of the President of the Supreme Soviet.

 If a person had been decorated several times, the Order of Lenin was delivered only once, except for some special cases. The honor was created on April 16, 1934. The total number of people who were decorated with this title was about 12,700; most of which were awarded during the Great Patriotic War.

 Towards the seventies the prize progressively lost its value. However important political and military personalities continued to receive the decoration on the occasion of important anniversaries, even without a real heroic activity, as it is commonly understood, taking place.

 In addition to the people, the honor was also attributed to 12 cities (the so-called heroine cities) 

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