German WW2 M43 field grey wool trousers

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German WW2 M43 field grey wool trousers


 Trousers 1943 model introduces a more practical cut than the 1940 model from the experience gained in the field. The leg shrinks to the ankles to improving the use of leggings and enveloped by a split with adjustable with a strap that first goes under the foot. Besides the usual buttons (metal printing) for the braces there are four passers fixed with buttons to allow the most practical belt use. Trousers have three pockets in cut style and a little pocket for the clock, all closed by the button. The sides are applied to a tongue adjustable tighten the trousers and a reinforcement is sewn on the turn of the interior trousers and thigh.

Material: 70% wool 30% viscose.

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