MG 34 German machine gun Denix - Maschinengewehr 34

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MG 34 German machine gun Denix - Maschinengewehr 34


 The first machine gun of a modern concept produced in large quantities on a design by the German arms manufacturer Mauser who developed it on the basis of a previous model, the MG30, already rejected by the Reichswehr in the first instance not considering it suitable for its needs. With the advent of Nazism and the new arms race, the Mauser project was resumed and subjected to modifications by the designer Heinrich Vollmer who adapted it to the double requirements of a heavy accompanying weapon and a manageable team weapon. In 1934 it was subjected to the necessary evaluation tests with very positive results and becoming part of the equipment of the nascent Wehrmacht.

 The M34 was produced with high quality workmanship and materials that gave it excellent qualities and performance but also particularly high costs. Introducing innovative features such as the rapid barrel change system, a high volume of fire, an excellent useful and maximum range giving it fearsome characteristics but not without defects that will be largely resolved by its evolution in the MG 42.

 The model made by Denix is ​​an excellent free sale reproduction made of metal and wood with some working components such as the armament, the liftable rear sights, the trigger and the bipod, giving the reproduction an excellent scenic performance.

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