Luftwaffe Pilot Observer Badge with diamonds

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 From Hermann Goring's will in the summer of 1935 and awarded for the first time on 11 November 1935, there were many prominent figures who benefited from it, whether military, political or civilian and not necessarily German. Among these there was Benito Mussolini himself but other dictators such as Anotescu or Francisco Franco, but also political figures such as Italo Balbo. Other known beneficiaries were Heinrich Himmler, Sepp Dietrich or Hanna Reitsch (in the female version) but also war heroes such as Aldolf Galland, Erich Rudel or Erich Hartmann. In essence it was more of a personal award that Goring awarded at his discretion without a precise rule.

  There was a delivery model and a display model which differed in some aspects.

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