Luftwaffe Decoration For Driver Proficiency in Bronze

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 Reproduction of the Luftwaffe decoration for driver proficiency in bronze, Kraftfahrbewahrungsabzeichen, introduced by 23 October 1942 and in order to reward drivers of vehicles, both military and civilian, who distinguished themselves during combat operation, special abilities, and they had taken great care to maintain efficient the vehicle in hard conditions of war. Of equal form for all corps, it was divided into three classes of merit: bronze, silver and gold.

 This badge could also be withdrawn if the led by the soldier had gone to decay in the performance of the specific service as it was required to have a level of service equal to or greater than that which made him give.

Eligibility criterias:

  • as motorcycle dispatcher: 90 days of service: 2 X silver - x 3 gold;
  • as a driver of armored combat vehicles: 120 days of service: X 2 silver  - x 3 gold;
  • as a driver of mixed vehicles: 150 days of service: 2 X silver - x 3 gold;
  • as a driver of vehicles from various supply: 165 days of service: silver X 2 - x 3 gold;
  • as a driver at different units of the Wehrmacht command: 185 service days: 2 X Silver - x 3 gold.

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